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Tales From Beneath The Hat Box - The Wibbliness of Gender

Long-time readers of this blog likely know that the Tophat is a vagina-bearer from their records of pelvis sharks conflicts, and you have seen that The Duelling Tophat tends to refer to themselves as ‘the Tophat’ and variations of, et cetera. You probably have also noticed that this hat tends to use neutral pronouns such as ‘they’ when not discussing meta.

Originally, this was mostly due to the fact that the Tophat’s duelling nom de plume afforded them a certain amount of safety from social anxiety, and has allowed the Tophat to communicate in online spheres with much greater ease.

However, this has also come to serve another purpose as far as the Tophat’s gender identity is concerned.

After much examination, the Tophat feels that ‘female’ doesn’t entirely encompass who they are.

Presently, the Tophat suspects they likely swing between identifying as female and agender. The Tophat isn’t unhappy with their body when they are not operating in hat form so to speak, but they’ve found they become increasingly uncomfortable when described in not-so-gender-neutral terms.

Also, the Tophat has just discussed this with their Duelling Partner and that was quite nerve-wracking, but they were perfectly fine about it and we both discussed how to address language use. Needless to say, the Tophat is quite relieved.

The Duelling Tophat notes they are generally referred to in neutral terms on Tumblr, and would prefer for that to continue.

This has been a terribly ineloquent post about gender things.

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